Joey+Tet – A December Metro Wedding

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December 15, 2013 was one for the books! It was one of those days in December that proved to be full of traffic, and it was not only due to volume of cars. MMDA decided to go perform Vehicle Tagging on this special day for Joey and Tet, and proved to be a challenge shuffling between venues. Amid all the traffic, and all the challenges, LOVE was the victor, and blessings were plentiful that day.

From bright red dresses, to vintage suits, and wonderful smiles from the preparations up to the reception – nobody would have guessed that Joey and Tet went through a lot. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the wedding was definitely a success.

C.R.E.A.M. events coordination gave their best to make sure that the couple didn’t feel much of the stress. We did our part in navigating through Metro Manila traffic to get the bride as early as possible to the Church at Our Lady of Pentecost Parish in Katipunan. The priest was also so calm, composed, and understanding and delivered fun and meaningful messages, and all these were caught in our pictures and the video by Jepster Togle Films.

Nothing would have stopped that wonderful wedding ceremony from pushing through, and we were witnesses of it all.

The bride and groom, their parents, family, friends, and especially the members of the entourage did their part. Joey’s band serenaded the reception hall as everyone enjoyed the food. The games were loads of fun too, and we were able to capture a lot of smiles (or were they grins?) and a lot of blushing cheeks.

Here are some of the highlights of the event captured by our digital cameras. We will probably add to these sometime when we get the chance, but these are just some moments that we really loved from Joey and Tet’s December wedding.

We also have to blog about this spectacular wedding piece by piece so more people would know how special this day was for Joey and Tet. 😀

For now, enjoy the pics!


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