Gilbert+Izza Light of Love Wedding

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If you haven’t checked out our other post on Gilbert + Izza Astoria Hotel Wedding Preps, we invite you to look through it so you’ll have a more complete story of their special day. This is a continuation of the story of their special day.

Lights of Love Events Place

Light of Love Events Place was the venue for Gilbert and Izza’s wedding ceremony and reception, and it was our first time to shoot at the location. During the day, the place looked like your usual open-air venue with trees and an area for the ceremony. Seats were already lined up when we got there, and a small stage was set up for the pastor. The aisle was decorated very nicely with yellow pom-pom-designed flowers, and they were just enough to make it pretty as the entourage walked down. We had a hunch that there would be more to the venue than meets the eye, but we’ll leave that for later.

Wedding Entourage Walking Down the Aisle

Flower Girl Walking Down the Aisle

But before the entourage started walking down the aisle, friends from Erika Faustino Events Management had people lining up near the archway that was created specifically for the bride. While that was happening, guests were already filling up the seats. As photographers, one thing we like about intimate venues like Light of Love is that there’s just the right amount of seats for the guests, and it would seem that everyone invited was there. It definitely was the case for Gilbert and Izza’s wedding. Cathedrals and large Churches are beautiful and all, but a smaller venue makes for a more intimate celebration — one filled with emotions.

The entourage lining up

Mothers, Godmothers, and guests

Guests and Bridesmaids

As the entourage, guests, and Gilbert, our dashing groom, got to their places at the area for the wedding ceremony, it was time for Izza to make her entrance. We wished that the gown was a bit shorter, but it did make for a beautiful entrance, and we’re happy to have captured Izza’s walk down the aisle at angles that made her look like the superstar of the event. After all, they say that the wedding day is supposed to be the bride’s day.

The Bouquet

Izza's Entrance

Walking Down the Aisle

And then the two finally met again that day for the first time in their gown and suit. The next few photos will be a mixture of smiles, happy tears, and a lot of loving stares both between the couple and their guests. We weren’t kidding when we said that the ceremony was full of emotions. There were smiles as the couple was being blessed by the pastor and their godparents, some laughter as the pastor was giving his message, but the exchanging of vows was the emotional part.

Exchanging Loving Stares At the altar

Laughing and Smiling With the Guests

Fathers and Godfathers

Blessing by the godparents

Groom's Excitement?

Having a Chat

Camera Conscious Bride

We saw a handful of people tearing up, especially from the principal sponsors and parents of the couple. Even we weren’t spared from the tears while listening to the vows that this handsome couple exchanged with one another. Having covered a lot of weddings before this one, it was the first time that we really felt tears running down our cheeks as we covered their wedding.

Groom recites his vow

Bride's Happy Tears While Listening

Bride Shares Her Vow


Intense emotions

Then it was time to exchange their wedding rings, light the unity candle, and chit-chat some more as the guests looked on.

Exchange of Wedding Rings

Having a Quick Chat

The Unity Candle

Did you notice that the couple was usually smiling? That’s how happy they were. Most of the time, Izza was either smiling or grinning at Gilbert. They were very much at ease and happy where they were, and that was very evident as we captured their moments on photo. By the end of the ceremony and after the sealing with the kiss ceremony, the two were still all smiles as they walked back the aisle during the recessional.

Sealed with a Kiss

Recessional Smiles

Reception was to follow, but we decided to take Gilbert and Izza to ourselves for a few minutes of post-ceremony photos and video. We hope you enjoyed the photos along with the next few ones.

Flowers for the Beautiful Bride

Framed Kiss

Their First Dance As a Couple

Photo Team: Mike & Mai Photography
Video Team: Jepster Togle Films
Coordination: Erika Ruth Faustino et al
Preps Venue: Astoria Hotel
Ceremony Venue: Light of Love
Reception Venue: Light of Love

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