Gilbert + Izza – Astoria Hotel Wedding Preps

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Astoria Hotel in Ortigas Center was a temporary home for a wonderful couple back in March 26, 2013 when they made preparations for their wedding. Gilbert and Izza was our very first couple from Singapore, and we had a feeling that this couple would be really fun to take photos of. From the moment we met at Greenbelt over lunch, up to the engagement session or prenup, we could see and sense the fun and sweet attraction between the two.

Astoria Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

During the wedding day, it was smooth sailing from preparations to the reception, and these two were very calm and composed — like they were just there to have fun, get married, and enjoy the day with their family and friends. That’s exactly what they did, and it really showed in their photos. As a wedding photographer, it was such a delight covering their wedding — a gorgeous bride, a dashing groom, and fabulous venues; what more could we ask for?

Let’s move on to some photos of the preparations. Wedding Photographers really love this part of a wedding since it’s the only time we can take shots of the details and have photos of the couple and their family after they’ve had all their make-up done.

The Rings

Bridal Bouquet

Gown and Boquet

Bridal Gown

Gown, Shoes, and her Boquet

Her Shoes

Beautiful Bridal Gown

The beautiful details were just the icing on the cake. Like we said earlier, wedding photographers love the preparations part because we can take photos of the details, but we love portraits even more.  Ladies first, but we’ll end with the beautiful bride too. 😀

Izza having her make up done

The Gorgeous Bride

Bride Side Portrait

Happily Imagining

Groom Serious mode

Putting his coat on

Final Touch-Ups with his Groomsman

Groom is all done and having fun

Wearing Her Shoes

Having some laughs

Bride and Her Window

Inside the Veil

Izza Relaxes

Wallowing in her bridal gown

Once the bride and groom were done, we had some more time to take fun portraits before we moved to the venue for the ceremony (where we took some really fun pre-ceremony photos). The bridesmaids and groomsmen weren’t complete at the hotel, and we really wanted to have a group shot of them. It was a good thing that we had enough allowance to take a handful of “kulitan” photos before the start of the wedding ceremony.

Let’s start off with the bride and her bridesmaids. The color combination of their gowns was so warm on the eyes that we couldn’t stop taking photos. Well, we eventually did, but we captured a lot of fun and candid moments between Izza, her matron of honor, and the other bridesmaids.

To kick it off, here’s a set of bridal portraits of our gorgeous bride.

Bridal Portraits

Close-Up Bridal Portrait

Posing For the Camera

And now we move on to the bridesmaids, and the bride, of course! 😀

Bride and Bridesmaid Portrait

Bride and Bridesmaids Chat

And yes, it was starting to get really warm at this point, but that didn’t stop these ladies from enjoying these moments as we take their photos. But now it was time for the veil to take the spotlight. They don’t call it a cathedral veil for nothing! Izza’s veil was VEEEERY LONG!

Cathedral Veil

But, the length of that veil proved to be of great use aside from being beautifully long and covering the bride’s beauty. Here’s a photo of the Izza and her bridesmaids having some fun with it.

Playing with the Veil

The groom and groomsmen had a more simple set, but that was because the time for the ceremony was drawing nearer. It was a good thing that the best man was able to arrive in time for some cool photos with the groom too!

Don’t you just love that sunlight?

Groom and Groomsmen Having Fun

We just have to end with this shot of the groom and his groomsmen walking toward the ceremony area at Lights of Love.

Walking Toward The Ceremony

Photo Team: Mike & Mai Photography
Video Team: Jepster Togle Films
Coordination: Erika Ruth Faustino et al
Preps Venue: Astoria Hotel
Ceremony Venue: Light of Love
Reception Venue: Light of Love

Do check out the next post on their Love of Light Wedding Ceremony. And if you like our photos here, please comment below or contact us if you want us to cover your wedding.

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  1. Hi,would like to ask if I were going to rent one suite with 2 bedrooms?how much po kaya?wedding ko is 2 pm balak ko magcheck in ng 6 am sa hotel

    • Hi Elizabeth! We dont have the actual and updated rates for Astoria Hotel, sorry. If your wedding is at 2pm, it may be best that you check in earlier since your preps usually starts 6 hours before the ceremony. ?


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