Gilbert+Izza Sweet Engagement Session

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Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife was showered with sweetness and large of doses of fun when we held Gilbert and Izza’s engagement session there last February 9, 2013. We combed the beautiful park looking for spots where we could shoot while the couple prepared and had their make-up done.

The couple had prepared 3 sets of wardrobe for their shoot, and that made us very excited to start taking photos! 2 of the sets were very colorful so we had to try and find neutral surroundings. The park proved to be the best place for this with all the dark trees, and we also used the bride to establish the sweet connection between the two. The only thing we prayed we could have had was a cloudy sky. Hahaha!

The weather was also very accommodating that day – not too warm, not a drizzle either (or at least until we were done). The last set that the couple prepared was a white pair with a matching umbrella. Their stylist also prepared flowers and an umbrella to match the clothes, and we thought it was a really wonderful set!

Since the couple didn’t really request for a concept, we had to make do and try to create one based on their clothes. We had a glimpse of what they planned to wear while they prepared so we took the time to plan out the shoot. It was a good thing that there weren’t too many people. Although, we ran across other photographers who either had an open photoshoot, or were also having their engagement session or pre-debut shoot.

After discussing, we were able to finalize the flow: Sweet, Chic Magazine, and Post-Nuptial.

When we started off with the Sweet session, the couple was quite shy around the camera, or at least Gilbert was. But, after a few shots, everything turned more casual, and more natural. We’ll stop talking about the shoot at this point and let the photos do the talking.

Sweet: Reaching Out

Sweet: Kilig Moments

Sweet Hugs

Sweet: Lost in the Stare

Magazine: The Gap

Magazine: Wearing the Love

Magazine: Love beneath the Shade

Pure: Ready for Love

Pure: Loving Company

Pure: Almost

Pure: View of the Soonafter

We decided to give the last photo above an oil-painting feel, and it’s one of the photos that the couple really loved. Everybody was so happy that the clouds decided to show up at this exact moment.

More photos at the gallery:

Videography: Jepster Togle Films

Hair & Make Up: Realm Hair & Make Up by Ludy Isip

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