A Pan De Amerikana Engagement – Gino + Julie

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Labor Day 2013 was a very endearing day for us. We spent the day with new friends and old friends, and it was a day to remember! Last December, an old friend contacted us about his sister-in-law getting married, and that made us very excited. After a few meetings, Gino and Julie were able to choose the package that they wanted for their wedding, and that included an engagement session. The couple had a lot of cool concepts in mind, and that made us even more excited!

Scheduling proved to be a challenge, but we were eventually able to finalize a date for the engagement session – May 1, 2013. And boy were we happy about the couple’s choice venue. Pan De Amerikana in Marikina City wasn’t a unique location, but it did have a lot of details for us to play around with. We particularly loved the chess pieces, and our brains were swimming with ideas the moment they told us where we’ll be having the shoot.

When we got there, we were surprised. Lots of people! Apparently, there was a miscommunication with the Pan De Amerikana management since they really didn’t allow engagement shoots on holidays. But, that didn’t really stop us from trying the food out, and taking some pictures of the details. 😀

Pan De Amerikana Frames

Pan De Amerikana Frames Up Close


When everything was settled with Pan De Amerikana, we got the engagement session under way to get a lot of photos done. Gino and Julie warmed up quite fast, and followed our directions without much difficulty. They requested that we avoid asking them to do difficult poses, and we tried our best to use simple poses. Eventually, they didn’t realize that they had a real talent for posing deep inside!

Here are some photos from their first set – Casual concept.








The first set was like a warm-up session because the next set was even sweeter, and the couple was more “at home” with the camera. Pan De Amerikana wasn’t that big, so we had to try and find a different area for this set. We even went as close to the restrooms, and would you believe that there were details there too! Julie had a really colorful dress prepared for the second set of the engagement shoot so we took to the colorful “corners” of the venue.

Here are some photos of their Summer concept.





Formal was the concept for their 3rd set, and it was quite obvious where we could shoot the attire that they prepared. But, we had to find creative ways of capturing their moments, and it was a good thing that these two were really game and wanted a new experience aside from unique photos. During this set, we felt that they were ready for more “complicated” poses, and they breezed through them! Congratulations you two! 😀





That was a really fun engagement session, and we’d like to thank Gino and Julie again for the trust and opportunity, and for being such a great sport in following our direction. We really felt the love and care that these two had for one another, and we feel you will go a long way! Congratulations again, and we hope you enjoyed this post about our engagement shoot. 😀

More photos in the gallery below:

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