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We had an awesome time taking pictures of Liam, his family, and their friends as he was baptized and welcomed into Christianity. The baptism and party was a simple celebration, but had all the ingredients for solemnity, fun, and family-bonding all at the same time. We posted a blog about it already so you’ll have an idea of what transpired. You can check out the blog here: Cute Simplicity – Liam Joins the Christian World.

Mark and Lily, Liam’s parents, have made a great deal of effort in preparing Liam’s celebration, and it was a lot of fun to cover. Lots of little boys and girls literally running all over the place – making people smile and laugh, and run around (chasing after them). Haha!

This is about the 3rd Christening that we’ve covered, and we just have to say that we feel blessed to have such opportunities to capture moments where people get to show their faith in God, and have their children baptized.

People say that it’s the moments that define how special a celebration is – it isn’t the glitz and the glamour, but the essence of the celebration, and the relationships that are formed between the people that are part of the event. We saw a lot of wonderful moments during that particular day – a lot of family bonding, a lot of friends getting to know each other more, and a lot of children playing with one another.

Baptism celebrations are just like birthday celebrations, but with that extra twist. We look forward to covering more baptismal events, and we’re even training some photographers so that we wouldn’t miss out on such opportunities. It’s both a service and an honor to cover such events like Liam’s baptism.

Preparations: Imperial Palace Suites

Ceremony: Parish of Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Celebrations: Bella Ibarra

Videography: Jepster Togle Films

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