Tagaytay Wedding Details – Jun and Kate (Part 1)

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of having your wedding in Tagaytay. We think you’re making the right choice! In fact, we urge you to have it there. Most couples consider Tagaytay for its cooler atmosphere, and we know how you feel. We had our Tagaytay wedding for the same reason, but it wasn’t only the climate that drew us to that beautiful city in the sky. The details helped us finalize our decision, and one of our couples, Jun and Kate, were also led there by such reasons.

Their wedding was supplied with a lot more details, which added to the beauty of their chosen venues in Tagaytay. From their wedding preparations in Chateau Royale, Nasugbu, Batangas, to their wedding ceremony at the Chapel On The Hill, Tagaytay-Nasugbu, until their wedding reception at Moon Garden, Tagaytay, their big day was screaming with details. We couldn’t help but scream with delight (inner screaming counts too, right?) as we took photographs of all the details.

Collection of Wedding Details

During the preparations, most of the details were supplied by Princessweds, and we must say that the details were very beautifully crafted. Details are most often just crafted well, but we felt that personal touch on the details as we took the photos. From the cord, to the invitations, and down to the matches to be used for the lighting of candles, the craftsmanship was just top-notch.

Wedding Invitation Envelope

Wedding Cord

Wedding Giveaways

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Matchbox

Wedding Cord and Ribbon

Kate, the beautiful princess-bride, and her matron of honor also had a part in preparing a lot of details for the wedding day. Bracelet tokens for the bridesmaids were created, and packaged rather nicely in an elegant box. They were also able to prepare some pendants and earrings that would match the theme! Wonderful work, we must say. Here are some shots of these trinkets.

Bridesmaid's Bracelet Tokens

Bracelet Charm for Lyn

Earrings and Pendants

Wedding Vows

Now, wedding details wouldn’t be complete without the beautiful bridal gown, the bridal bouquet, the bride/groom’s shoes, and the groom’s watch, but we also found some additional details that we found quite unique and not widely used. What were they? Oh, just take a look at the photos and you’ll find out what we’re referring to.

Bride's Bouquet

Wedding Gown

Bride's Shoes

Wedding Rings on a Heel

Groom's Watch

Socks for the Bride's Dad

Bridesmaid's Bouquet and Corsage

Socks for the Groom's Dad

Groom's Coat Hanger

Groomsmen's Corsage

We hope you’re enjoying the photos at this point, and please watch out for our next blog on Jun and Kate’s wedding ceremony at the Chapel on the Hill, and their reception at Lily Pond (Moon Garden), which was catered and styled by K by Cunanan.

  • Preparations Venue: Chateau Royale
  • Photographer: Mike & Mai Photography
  • Videographer: Jepster Togle Films
  • Details: PrincessWeds
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