Starting 2014 with a Tagaytay Wedding!

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It was off to Tagaytay for our very first wedding for 2014, and the wedding was in one of the more iconic garden venues of the area — Sonya’s Garden!

Starting 2014 at Tagaytay Title

Aside from the wonderful bakery, it’s such a beautiful place with lots of flowers, and rustic details for their cottages. It was one of the things that we made sure to use for the photos of our first couple of the year. And, the couple brought with them their cuddly stuffed toys that they used for their engagement shoot to add their personal touch to the venue.

The venue was so cozy, the details were just lovely, and the weather was so cool and breezy — just perfect for a beautiful wedding. And, fortunately for the bride and groom, it stayed that way all throughout the wedding day.

The first time Johann and Aimie were in front of the camera, they had their natural smiles with them. It was very evident in their engagement/prenup photos, and they didn’t change at all even up to (and after) that special day of theirs. We always say that a wedding day wouldn’t be the same without those happy smiles and loving looks, and this lovely couple’s celebration was full of them — from the couple themselves up to their family and friends, everyone had their happy game faces on.

While we prepare the rest of their photos for display on our gallery, we’ll leave you with their onsite slideshow (which was a surprise by the groom for his bride). ^_^

Photo: Mike & Mai Photography
Video: Jepster Togle Films
HMUA: Nini Marquez Make Up
Venue: Sonya’s Garden Tagaytay

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