Richard and Asel – Wedding Preparations

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September 30, 2012 – A date to remember for Richard and Asel as they were joined in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony at the Immaculate Concepcion Parish in Quezon City. It was a very solemn and beautiful event, but the wedding preparations at Eastwood Richmond Hotel wasn’t uneventful itself either.

These shots were taken at the hotel where the couple made their preparations. The staff was very accommodating, and we were open to use any part of the hotel too! Let’s start off with some artifacts that the couple either wore, or tools that suppliers used to prepare Richard and Asel for one of the most important days of their lives.

Taking pictures of the different artifacts are always on our checklist for Wedding Photography, especially for wedding preparations. And here we have one of the most common tools used – The Make Up Kit! Very powerful tools when used efficiently, and we photographers love it when HMUA (Hair and Make Up Artists) are able to use them to turn a beautiful bride into a more stunning and gorgeous one.

The Make-Up Kit

The HMUAs used these not only on the bride, but on most of the female members of the entourage and some of the female sponsors too. We’ll show you some more in our next blog about the Bride and Groom. But, before we go there, let us show you some photos of the wedding rings, wedding arrhae, and the Bible.

The Wedding Rings

Looking for a spot for the wedding rings was very challenging. We usually look for plants, or an area that had a lot of patterns, but finding these are not always available. Two points to those who can tell what we used as the platform for the rings!

Arrhae And Bible

Now that we’ve shown you some of the artifacts for the couple, let’s move on to something that many are more familiar with – The Bride’s Wedding Gown, the bouquet, and the groom’s shoes and belt!

The Wedding Bouquet

The Bouquet Reflection

Groom Shoes And Belt

Yeah, we really love using reflections. It’s an age-old technique at adding drama and additional elements without introducing too many that would drown the subject. We look for areas that can reflect the subject, and this hotel had a lot of them! Clean floors, and the elevator areas had mirrors; lots of them!

I’m sure some of the brides-to-be who are reading this are really looking for these pictures. Among the different artifacts in a wedding, the wedding rings and the wedding gown are the things that we focus on. We make sure to look for a fabulous shot for the gown if we don’t get a chance to take a good shot of the rings, and this is one of those events. Eastwood Richmond Hotel had such a beautiful staircase where ¬†we were able to place the gown for some photo-op.

Staircase And Gown

Gown In Bronze

Gown In Focus

While we were taking pictures of the wedding gown at the lobby of the hotel, Mike was able to spot Richard getting some rest alongside his brother-in-law and father-in-law in one of the couches. Jun was taking a nap, and we got them on digital film!

Sleepy While Waiting

Groom While Waiting

On Wednesday, we’ll post some photos of the bride as she poses and prepares for the big event. Watch out for the link right here and on our Facebook Page.

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