Preparing for Her Wedding March – Asel Salazar

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Eastwood Richmonde Hotel was the venue for the awesome scenes during the preparations for Richard and Asel’s wedding. We’ve featured some of the artifacts that were taken during the preparation already. Now, it’s the bride’s turn for her spotlight.

Before putting on the wedding dress, what’s the first thing a bride puts on? Make-up! Asel asked to put some vintage touches on some of the photos, so here’s one of them.

Bride Putting Make Up On

Weddings really take a toll on the couple, so the make-up has to be done really well so that touch-ups aren’t needed throughout the ceremony. The HMUA (Hair and Make Up Artist) did a good job!

When Asel was done, it was time for her to wear the gown and pose for the camera, but before we get to that, we saw her and her little girl, Reese having some quality time. Here’s one of our favorite shots.

Asel and Reese

After a while, Reese finally let her mom have time to put on her gown. Having a woman on the team allowed us to capture some moments while Asel, her mom, and her bridesmaids were helping her get dressed. We won’t be able to show any of those, so here’s a series of photos of our bridal portraits of Asel.

The Bride's Smile

That Tranquil Moment

Close your eyes

There was only a few places in the room where we could take pictures, so we had little choice but to continue harassing the window. Haha! I don’t think it would’ve mind having a beautiful bride stand next to it. Here’s another vintage shot. At this point, it was very close to the wedding hour.

Smelling the Bouquet

What’s a wedding preparation session without some group shots? We were able to catch these four ladies chit-chatting away while they continue to help Asel with her gown and shoes.

Helping Her With Her Gown

Putting Her Shoes On

Ok, everything’s set! Time to head on to the wedding ceremony! Oh wait, the veil! 😀

How You Wear Your Veil

Ok, now she’s definitely ready to ride the bridal car.

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