Pre-Ceremony Playtime for Baby Charlisse

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8 September 2012. This month has been a baby month for us so far. From birthdays to Baptismal ceremonies (mostly the latter), the first 2 weeks of the ber-months for this year has been full of cuteness and little smiles. Charlisse’s coming into the Christian world wasn’t exempted – so many “aww” moments, especially if you were able to watch the SDE (Same Day Edit) Video created by Jepster Togle Films.

We’ll be posting about this ceremony in separate posts since there were just so many happenings for the day. For appetizers, let’s start with some pre-ceremony photos!

Charlisse With Mom and Dad

Atty Christian Natividad just arrived at this point, and Charlisse was already fast asleep in her mom’s arms. It would’ve been a shame to wake her up, plus we knew that she had to sleep to reserve energy for the day’s activities. Such a wonderful couple these two are, and Charlisse is a very sweet baby.

Charlisse Talks to Dad

If you were there when we took this picture, you’d be laughing as well. Charlisse just gave her dad a big surprise by replying to him using her baby talk powers. You’ll be able to appreciate this more when you watch Jepster’s SDE Video. Atty Christian’s smile just tells it all, and we just have to say that it was a very cute exchange. Haha!

I am Charlisse

Baby Charlisse at 2 months young rarely smiled while the people around her were putting on her dress and preparing her for her big event, but when she did, you’d be powerless not to smile back. Here’s one of her oh-so-innocent-and-cute smiles.

Baby Talk?

Now while her mom and dad were preparing themselves, Charlisse had an opportunity to have a little chat (or was this a stare contest?) with what we think was one of her cousins. We can only guess what was going through the minds of these little tykes.

Lets Get It On

Beverlyn, Charlisse’s mom, was all set! Atty Christian was ready too, and we think Charlisse was getting a bit bored with all the extra fuss. But hey, it’s her special day! Mom and Dad are entitled to some extra fussing around in making sure you were pretty, right?

Now, that’s all for now. We’ll have some more in the next few days including some pictures from the other parts of the day.

Venue: Luxent Hotel, Timog Ave, Quezon City

Videographer: Jepster Togle Films

Coordinator: Effie Roque

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