The Party after Welcoming Charlisse – A Baptismal Story

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By this time many of you have read our previous blogs on Charlisse’s Pre-Ceremony Playtime, and the Baptism Ceremony at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine. In Filipino culture, whatever ceremony or event is celebrated, it is usually followed by a lot of eating, singing and dancing! Are you ready to see some shots from the party?

You would think that the party celebrations after Charlisse’s Baptismal Ceremony would be the same, but it was more than that. The party was held at Annabel’s and the venue looked great after being prepared by Effie Roque’s spectacular team of coordinators and stylists. More than that, there were a lot of people, yet you could still feel the closeness if everyone with the couple, and the love they had for Charlisse.

What’s a kiddie party without the cake and some group shots?

The Cake

Group Shot 1

Group Shot 2

Group Shot 3

With the Organizers

Group Shot 4

Group Shot 5

We also caught the couple (more like followed) going  around and mingling with the guests. Some relatives also joined in on the fun party and posed for the camera.

Natividad Family

With Raymond Bagatsing

Chester Natividad

There was a lot of singing and dancing as the party progressed. A really cool band played wonderful pop music for everyone to enjoy. We can really say that these people, who are mostly from Malolos Bulacan, know how to have fun!


The Band

Lots of Dancing

Even Christian Natividad’s dear mother joined in on the party and sang a couple of songs. 😀

Mommy Natividad

As the party came to an end, Christian and Beverlyn closed the party with some speeches thanking the guests for joining in on the welcoming of Charlisse to the Christian World.

Thank you speeches

After the party, the day wasn’t over for Christian as he spent some time with some colleagues and friends. We were on our way out when we saw them and they asked for this happy photo.

Gathering with Friends

Welcome to the Christian World, Charlisse! Congratulations to Christian and Beverlyn for such a beautiful baby!

Party Venue: Annabel’s, Tomas Morato

Organizer: Effie Roque

Videographer: Jepster Togle Films

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