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This year 2013, we have made several efforts to improve not only our craft, but improve our reach as well. Early this year, we joined WeddingsAtWork as you can see in our previous blog (mikeandmaiphoto.com joins weddingsatwork.com). Joining a directory of well-rounded and experienced suppliers allowed us to not only improve our reach online, but we also managed to meet a lot of wedding suppliers that had the same attention to detail, and almost the same amount of care for couples that are about to be married. Learning from the more experienced suppliers, we know more of what should be avoided, what should be done, and what else we can improve on. We were also able to share our experiences, and help our fellow suppliers too! The [email protected] Supplier Community is definitely an awesome bunch!

In our efforts to continuously improve our craft, we again participated in this year’s photography workshop by Manny Librodo entitled “Back to Oblivion.” Mai joined as a participant while Mike took behind-the-scene photos of the workshop. As always, it was a wonderful learning experience where Mai was able to gain more photography skills and mix fashion portraiture with weddings.

And just today, July 5, 2013, we are officially a part of the BridalBook Supplier listing!

Mikeandmai Joins BridalBook

Our portfolio and services can now be viewed through our BridalBook page: Mike & Mai Photography – Photographers – Photo & Video, and we are really hoping that this could improve our reach online. We are really happy having our portfolio and photo-video packages on one of the most-visited Online Wedding Supplier Directories in the Philippines. Our packages not only appear on our own page, but also show up on the home page. We decided to disclose our rates so that couples could decide more easily, but we always urge soon-to-be brides and grooms to contact us and set up a meeting.

Our Wedding Packages on BridalBook

And what’s even more exciting is our brand appears on the home page from time to time! The button ad below appears randomly on any of the pages on the BridalBook website. We hope it reaches the right couples who are looking for our creative style of photography, and our way of taking photos during the wedding day.

ButtonAd on the Home Page

We invite you guys to visit our BridalBook page, and check out our portfolio and packages over there. 😀

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