Mike + Grace On to a New Adventure – Quezon City Wedding

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January 18, 2014 was a fine day for another special celebration of love, and it all started at Oakwood Premier Joy Hotel in Ortigas. We must say that the hotel had really spacious and beautiful suites, and it gave us more opportunity to take different angles of the couple, Mike & Grace, and their family as they prepared for the rest of the day. The day was definitely an adventure, and it wasn’t only due to the distance from the hotel to the Church, but Grace had on-and-off fever before the day.

Mike & Grace Wedding Photo

But Grace mustered enough strength to get through, and was even able to joke around and have fun with the rest of the people that were in her room during the preparations. We loved how these two were so casual, friendly, and down-to-earth, with a mix of playful antics. We were able to capture a lot of candid moments in the process, but we loved the special intimate moments between Mike & Grace the most during the ceremony and reception. Such moments are what we always look out for as wedding photographers.

The wedding ceremony took place at Our Lady of Consolacion in Quezon City, and they were pretty strict about where photographers and videographers should stay. We managed to stay under the radar and let the focus be on the couple, and the ceremony, which is what we usually do. But, we tried our best to follow the rules of the Church. We’ll blog about that separately so other couples and suppliers would know, and be able to follow it without any issues.

But yeah! The Church was lovely, and the light coming from the sides really provided beautiful illumination on the couple and the guests. One of the caretakers there told us that there used to be lantern lights at the parking lot area’s trees last December, but unfortunately they were already taken down. No matter, because we were still able to find good places inside and outside of the Church for their post-ceremony shoot.

And, just a few tumble-rolls away was the venue for the wedding reception. No sweat! And it allowed the couple some rest before the rest of the evening commenced. The one thing we really loved about their reception was that a lot of people stayed ’til the end of the program. It’s one thing to just attend a wedding reception, and there’s another thing to really be there for the couple. We usually stay around ourselves since that’s where a lot of the candid moments happen — when the guests start approaching the couple and playing around.

And… this wedding was perhaps the most number of times Mike was called “Sir Chief.” The wedding coordinators from Alalay.Ko Events and our team decided to use that nickname so that we won’t mix up Mike, the groom, and our Mike. Haha!

Anyway, we’ll stop the chatter now, and we would like to present to you our surprise Onsite Photo Slideshow for Mike & Grace.

Photography: Mike & Mai Photography

Videographer: Jepster Togle Films

Wedding Coordination: Alalay.Ko Events Consultation

Preparations: Oakwood Premier Joy Hotel, Ortigas

Ceremony & Reception: Our Lady of Consolacion, Quezon City

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