Jaydee + Anjel Action-Packed Wedding in Glass Garden

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June 26, 2014. From Eastwood to Glass Garden in Pasig, it was an action-packed day for Jaydee and Anjel as they finally tied the knot after years of being apart; separated by several miles of land and water.

Their wedding was like a full-length movie from the moment Jaydee went home without Anjel knowing. Even if they had been engaged beforehand, he still surprised her with an official wedding proposal at the mall’s movie cinema. Sadly, we already had an engagement for that day so we weren’t able to capture the moment. But, we made sure to make up for it during their wedding day.

Jaydee + Anjel Photo Teaser

Jaydee + Anjel Photo Teaser

The couple’s wedding day started at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel — a beautiful place for preparations as usual. We tried our best to find unique angles for the gown and the other wedding details, but it didn’t need much effort since the couple had prepared something really unique for us to take photos of. Wearing sneakers, boots, or sneaker-boots are not new, but Jordan’s? And they were BOTH wearing Jordans! So cool!

After Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, we just had to travel about 5 mins to get to the Blessed St John Paul II Parish. It’s definitely something to consider since you can get permits to take photos outside the hotel on the way to the Church. But this wasn’t the case for Jaydee and Anjel since it was raining! That definitely didn’t stop the wedding from pushing through though.

After the solemn wedding ceremony, we then moved on to the reception venue, which was at Glass Garden. K by Cunanan’s team lead by Jam Hernandez did a great job in styling the place for the wedding reception. It was a travel-inspired event so many of the wedding details depicted different landmarks from all over the world. Even their cake was travel-inspired. After all, their wedding day was the start of their journey together.

With this, we leave you with their onsite wedding photo slideshow, which was our surprise gift for the sweet couple.

Credits to the following suppliers:

  • Photo: Mike & Mai Photography
  • Video: Jepster Togle Films
  • Coordination: DayOne Project
  • Preparations: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
  • Ceremony: Blessed St John Paul II Parish
  • Reception: Glass Garden
  • Catering: K by Cunanan
  • Host: Thea Ocana
  • Band: Kithara
  • Wedding Gown: Bride’s Dream
  • Photobooth: Flipbooks
  • Dessert Buffet: Cuisine-ah
  • Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar
  • Flowers: Holland Tulips
  • Church Flowers and Styling: Southern Blooms
  • Lights and Sounds: Jav Lights and Sounds
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