Edwin+Janice Preparations – Chateau Royale Batangas

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Chateau Royale, Nasugbu, Batangas. This was one of the most fun wedding preparations we’ve had. Edwin and Janice were both into posing for the camera and playing around and enjoying the moments. There was little to no stress from the couple nor their entourage, and it was very evident throughout the wedding preparations, especially when we were taking photos of the groom and his siblings.

But, let’s start with some photos of the paraphernalia used for their wedding.The Bridal Bouquet

The Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring

Bouquets for Bridesmaids

The Bible

The Arrhae

Before we go into the portraits, there was one other item that caught our eyes. They were the giveaways (which we also received in plenty!). These were bought and prepared by the couple themselves. Wonderful work, and we’re sure that the guests loved them. Why chopsticks? We don’t really know, but we’re guessing it’s because Edwin and Janice came from South Korea before their wedding celebration.

Chopstick Giveaways

We love portraits, and there were definitely a lot to go around during the preparations. Edwin’s side was full of “action” and laughter, and we had a great time taking their photos. It was all natural for them since it was as if we weren’t there. We got a lot of candid photos, and we even had the chance to take a “Game of Thrones”-like photo with them.

Game of Thrones Portrait

But that didn’t last very long until Edwin’s brothers decided to try and take the throne from him. Haha! So much fun, but we’ll go back to their preparations after this one.

Taking the Throne

Before all the throne photos, we did take more than a handful of photos while they were getting dressed and Edwin even decided to do some push-ups. He even had this awesome karate pose in mind, and we didn’t even ask him to do it. We’re not sure if they were to shake the nerves away, or if he just decided to pump himself up. It was still quite early in the wedding preparations when we started taking his photos so we assume it wasn’t the nerves — he was just having fun. Awesome!

Putting on his belt

Edwin's Honest Smile

Shaking the Nerves Karate Style

And based on the next set of photos, it seemed like his brothers (the bestmen) and his dad were having a swell time as well. Between having a pseudo-boxing match to sentai poses, or simply laughing and smiling with one another, it was just them being how they are – a fun-loving set of guys preparing for a wedding.

Fooling Around with Brothers

Sentai Poses

Groom and Dad

Edwin’s side took most of the rooms on the ground floor of Chateau Royale, and that “throne” area could be found at the end of the hall. Lots of simple details and architecture that could be used to add some spice to already wonderful moments. There are also a lot of villas around the area, which could probably be used for post-nuptial, but we weren’t able to use them since they already had enough rooms.

Chateau Royale’s rooms were not only good for the groom and the details, but they were also great for the bride! We usually post the bride’s photos first (ladies first, after all), but we decided to change it up a bit and leave Janice for last in this set.

This was the first time that we were able to take photos with this type of a gown, and we thought it was just beautiful. So much details, and we just love all those ruffles. Ruffles equate to patterns, which we photographers always love. It’s like mixing portrait photography with fashion, which is something that we always love to use for weddings.

Janice On Her Wedding Gown

Looking out through Chateau Royale

Prepping her Wedding Gown

After getting herself made up by her Hair & Make Up Artist (HMUA), Janice then wore her beautiful gown, and then she was even more gorgeous!

All Set for Caleruega

Janice's Bridal Portrait

Almost done, and it was then time to head on to Caleruega for their ceremony. Hep hep! They almost forgot to let down her veil, and have us take a photo! It was a good thing it was in our checklist, and we were relatively ahead of schedule.

Putting on her Veil

Bridal Portrait With Veil

Then it was time for her to walk down the corridor of Chateau Royale and ride her bridal car toward Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel, Tagaytay-Nasugbu.

Walking Down the Corridor

Watch out for our next blog on their very intimate and blockbuster wedding ceremony!

Videography: Jepster Togle Films

Preparations: Chateau Royale, Nasugbu, Batangas

Coordination: Details Matter

Ceremony: Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel, Tagaytay (Nasugbu)

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