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02 September 2012. This was a date for the books as Liam Pacariem was baptized at the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Before the  ceremony, we had the opportunity to meet Liam’s wonderful parents and have a short pre-ceremony session with the family. Liam, at his very young age, tried his best to pose for the camera when he was left at the couch. He would usually topple to his sides though. Haha! Very cute!

Hi! I'm Liam!

We had the pre-ceremony session at the Imperial Palace Suites, and it’s a very simple place. But, the service was very good and the people there were very courteous and helpful! A good place to stay in, if you ask me.

The Rosary After the pre-ceremony, we had a hard time looking for the Church. Google Maps proved to be very helpful, but there were some closed gates so we had to take some U-turns and change routes before we actually got there. It was a good thing that the mass wasn’t over so we had some time to re-check our gear. There was a lot of Godparents! I wonder if we’ll have the same number when we have our own children Baptized. Haha! The Baptismal ceremony was very solemn, and it was a good thing that the priest was used to the cameras (although, he asked me not to use the flash on him, which I obliged). Liam Gets Baptized In Water Laying Of Hands on Liam Of course, how else would we end a solemn ceremony? FUN GROUP PICS! The Godparents

After the ceremony, we were off to Bella Ibarra along Quezon Ave to cover the post-ceremony celebration. I can say that the party was well-attended, and that the food was good! When we get the chance, we always try to take good shots of the food (especially the dessert!), and this was one of the times that we had the time to do so.

Little Brownie Desserts

It was a very simple celebration, but a very cozy one at that. Friends and family had more time to chat and mingle, and we were able to take quite a lot of shots of them all. Here’s one photo of the guests.

Group Shot of the Guests

Welcome to the Christian community, Liam! May the Lord guide and bless you for the rest of your days! Thank you Joyce and Mark for trusting us and Jepster Togle Films in covering Liam’s baptism.


Preparations: Imperial Palace Suites

Ceremony: Parish of Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Celebration: Bella Ibarra

Video: Jepster Togle Films

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