Upgrading Gear: Canon EOS 6D and Photography

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The Yuletide season wouldn’t be complete without surprises and gifts, so we decided to give the company a much-deserved upgrade – Christmas presents for the Mike & Mai Photography! Yes, we bought a Canon EOS 6D, which was quite fresh from its debut last November 2012 here in the Philippines.

The EOS 6D is Canon’s newest inclusion into its awesome line of full-frame Digital SLRs. This was one of the things that we considered the most when we were thinking of upgrading our gear. To improve our services and the quality of our photos, we knew that we had to invest in a full-frame camera, which has more ability to capture light and produce sharper images. With the EOS 6D, we got more since it makes use of the same sensor as the Canon EOS 5D Mark III – our dream camera (previously), and it has something else that we’ll experiment more into through the course of 2013 – the WiFi features.

Canon EOS 6D

With the WiFi features, we can automatically push photos to our laptop or iPad so that the couple can view the photos much faster. This would be ideal during engagement sessions so that everyone can see the photos as we take pictures. Not only that! It would allow us to explore onsite AVPs – something that we’ve been meaning to add to our packages for quite some time already.

With the Canon EOS 6D, we will be more capable of providing better services and match up to the quality that most established Wedding and Portrait Photographers already offer here in the Philippines and in the world. Many say that the beauty of photos is not in the gear, but in the artist. We still believe that this is very very true, but we also believe that, with better tools, an artist can produce even more beautiful works of art.

Actually, this post is relatively old News since we already used this awesome DSLR and the new lens during Joey and Tet’s wedding last December 15, 2012. We’re so excited to use this in our upcoming weddings and events this coming year, 2013, and the years to come.

Thank you Canon for such an awesome camera!

Onward to taking more beautiful pictures!

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