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Some of our friends have asked us “Why be a Tagaytay Wedding Photographer?” When they say “Tagaytay Wedding Photographer,” they pertain to us removing the out-of-town fee from our rates whenever weddings are held in Tagaytay City, Cavite.

We usually just smile and say “why not?” One of the main reasons why we, Mike & Mai Photography, wanted to become a Tagaytay Wedding Photographer is because we fell in love with the city when we had our wedding in the area. During our wedding preparations, we discovered how friendly and accommodating the different suppliers were in the place – something common with our values. We wanted to be one of those suppliers offering awesome hospitable service to couples like how we experienced it during our wedding.

Hillcreek Gardens Punch

Hillcreek Gardens took care of almost everything for us, combined with the superb food and catering service by Town’s Delight, and the superb coordination by ZRM, our wedding reception was full of fun, and there we decided “We should be one of them!” Having had our ceremony at Caleruega, we know how it feels to be the bride and groom in the beautiful city, and what the different areas are to have beautiful shots taken.

Secondly, our base of operations is just 1 or 2 hours away from Tagaytay City. Having gone there several times, we know what it feels like to go through the traffic – what time the bad traffic starts especially during Saturdays and Sundays. We are also looking into having a base in Tagaytay near the Mendez area soon!

Putting all these together, we know that we have what it takes to be a Tagaytay supplier – a Tagaytay Wedding Photographer. We believe we can take even more stunning photos in such a beautiful place with so many awesome scenes.

Posing at the Hillcreek Gardens Terrace

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  1. hi I love the creativity of your photos. we’re planning to get married. hope you can send us your photo and video packages rate. thank you

    • Hallo Angel! Email had been sent a few months ago. We hope you were able to receive it. ^_^

  2. I would like to request to send me your package rate for wedding.

    • Heya Raquel! Email with our packages and rates have been sent to your email address. Congratulations on your engagement! ^_^

  3. Hi! I would like to inquire on your wedding packages and rates. Wedding will be on june 24, 2016z thank you!

    Hope tou hear from you!

    • Hallo Kaye!

      We have sent you our packages and rates through email. Please do let us know more details about your wedding too. ^_^

  4. Hi! We will be having our civil wedding for 30 pax on may 12. Can you send me your proposal? [email protected]

    • Hi Syrine! Our apologies for the late reply. We’ve sent you our proposal for your civil wedding on May 12 through your email address. ^_^

  5. I need to know if you can do family photo in our place in Tagaytay since this is the only time that we are complete… Everyone came home for a visit fromcanada and USA please email me back asap

  6. Hi will be having our garden civil wedding this coming 23rd oct 2017, with 50pax of visitors. I hope you could send me a package rate that will suit our budget. Thank you..

    • Hallo Dianne! We sent our packages to your email address, and may we ask you to also send us more details:
      Name of Bride:
      Name of Groom:

      Thank you so much for your interest in our services!

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