Before the Wedding Ceremony – A Groom Prepares

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We just recently featured Asel on our blog as she got ready for her wedding march. Now, it’s her groom’s (now, husband) turn to be on the spotlight. Here he is, Richard Arances.

It’s quite rare that you get to catch the groom having make up put on him. It takes so little time, since not much is put, and we were fortunate enough to have been able to catch this moment. This was another vintage shot requested by the couple.

A Groom's Makeup

As soon as he had his make-up done, Richard helped around preparing other stuff for their wedding. The room that we were supposed to use for his getting-dressed session was still in use. But, it wasn’t long until we got the chance to capture the moments where he was getting dressed. As a wedding photographer, we have try to capture as much as we can so that couples can relive their moments through their photos.

Getting Dressed

Putting Socks On

Fixing His Tie

As soon as we was finished, we asked Richard to pose for some shots near the window. Some dramatic scenes before the wedding, maybe? Some people think that wedding photography is just about taking photos, but it also takes some skill to know the poses and ask the couples to do them without looking awkward.

Anxiousness and Excitement

Looking Forward

We could feel the excitement and the nervousness mixing at this point when the wedding hour was almost near. When we were done with the groom solo shots, we helped the couple get ready for the rest of the day. There wasn’t much time left to take family shots, so we just took some photos as we went to the car to proceed to the Church.

Here’s a shot of Richard with some of his groomsmen, vintage style. Oh, the groomsmen were busy admiring the bride as she was descending the stairs of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

Groom and His Groomsmen

After this, it was off to the Immaculate Concepcion Church in Cubao!

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