25th Anniversary Newly-Weds, Fun as Ever!

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Have you ever been to a 25th anniversary celebration?

I’m sure some of you guys have been to one. It may have been the usual dinner-with-family-and-friends type of celebration, or it may have been a renewal of vows sort of event – complete with a ceremony and reception. For the celebration that we covered last August 4, 2012, Arnold and Emma’s wedding was both, and with a twist!

Photo of Wedding Reception Buffet Table

The couple (from Canada) had been married for 25 years, but this was their first walk down the aisle. The fact that they had been married for quite a long time may have been the key for the joyous and fun atmosphere throughout the celebration. From preparations up to the end of the reception, there was not an ounce of uneasiness nor stress. Everyone was having fun and was just hip and cool.

During the preps, we are usually the ones who ask for their wedding rings, bouquet, and so on. With this wonderful couple, they had everything ready for us. We just had to get them and compose them! And, here are some shots of the rings, the bouquet and the wedding gown – and it was a really beautiful gown, mind you.

Rings on the Rose Bouquet

The Wedding Gown and Bouquet

Emma and Arnold’s walk to the altar at Santuario de San Antonio wasn’t without smiles either, and it wasn’t just the couple that was smiling either. Married couples would agree that we’re so used to kissing our spouses whenever we meet with them when we come home from work, or when we leave the house. Almost giving Emma a kiss at the start of the ceremony, the couple and their guests couldn’t help but laugh and smile.

All Smiles to the Altar

The rest of the ceremony was both fun and solemn. Even the presiding priest couldn’t help but make jokes and add to the warm and joyful atmosphere of the wedding. It pretty much lasted throughout the entire ceremony too.

Exchange of Rings With A Smile

Couple Smiling at the Altar

Group Pics = FUN!

The reception at Dusit Hotel was no different – still a lot of fun and laughter! And before we headed for the reception area, we were able to take some time with the couple to get some post-ceremony photos around the hotel. And we found… A SPIRAL STAIRCASE! Yes, it has been one of our most wanted shots, and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to take this shot with such a fun couple.

The Couple at the Spiral

The remaining parts of the celebration was still hip and cool! There was the bouquet and garter game, which had all the young men dodging the garter. And they had a money dance too! Guess what?! They’ll be donating the “proceeds” to charity.

We would like to wish Emma and Arnold more happy years ahead! Congratulations and best wishes to you both and your family!

More photos in the gallery: Arnold + Emma Wedding Special Moments.

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