Photos, pictures and photographs. That’s what is expected of a photographer. Taking pictures of events and moments as they happen, or constructing a scene to be captured on digital film – that’s expected. We, at Mike and Mai Photography, do all those. We look for those fun moments that could tickle your funny bone as you look through our pictures, we aim to capture those special and endearing moments where you could go “Awwww,” and we aim to immortalize on digital film those moments that could shed happy tears once you see them again in your album.

Those things are expected, and we take pride in delivering those photos to the couples and celebrants. Being in the Wedding and Events Photography industry for the past 2 years, we could say that we have stuck to our contracts and delivered our products on time. And, we have made many friends along the way, for we also do our best in delivering our services with courtesy and joyous fun.

Weddings and Events can be quite stressful for the organizers and celebrants, so we try our best to lighten the mood while taking the pictures that we need to capture.


We aim to be among the top 20 Wedding and Events Photography suppliers in the Philippines by delivering quality services on-time and at an affordable price.


We envision ourselves to be known for our courteous and fun service in taking quality photographs in the Wedding and Events Photography industry.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values determine how we setup and condition ourselves whenever we cover events and deliver our services.


The pictures that we take have to be significant and have a special meaning to either the newly-wedded couple, the celebrants, or to the guests. We don’t just take pictures of the people as they pose for us, but we try to give life to each picture by making the experience worthwhile as we capture them on digital film.


The event itself is memorable, but aside from taking photos of moments that define the celebration, we try to make ourselves memorable to the celebrants. We value our relationship with the people that we service, which is why we deliver our products with the expected quality and on time.


Excellence is all about delivering what is expected, and that is what we always aim to do. Taking quality and momentous pictures, and doing so in a fashion that could be a worthwhile experience for everyone in the event is what we want to provide. We continuously strive to improve our craft to perform what is expected of us.

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